The recent Christmas trend is known as a Christmas Eve Box.

It’s a handmade box created for children.  Inside there are small goodies and treats that are unwrapped on Christmas Eve. Shop now.

It’s perfect for all families with younger children who are eager to open just one present before Christmas is actually here.

They are easy to create and as an inexpensive present, it will really make you happy as their faces light up.

Our Christmas Eve box guide will help you de

cide the gifts to put inside that they will love.

Let them communicate to Santa with this gift for just £8.95

Watch your child’s face light up when they open their box and see a personalised snow globe; they can even leave a message for Santa. Buy now!

The design process is simple – add a photo along with a text message and watch the snow fall over them even if it isn’t outside. Let them have the magical Christmas they’ve always wanted.

Start A New Tradition With This Gift

Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas gift for the perfect snowy morning. Surprise them with a personalised mug and they can have the magical Christmas hot chocolate before opening their presents.

They will love seeing a picture with a special message on, making it unique for everybody. Click here to buy.

For only £9.95 you can have high quality and vibrant colours to last you every single Christmas after continuing you with that morning hot chocolate.

The Place For All Treasures

Buy your daughter the custom designed make-up bag so she can store her Christmas treasures.

What girl doesn’t love her precious cosmetics? Over joy her by giving her a place to forever store them. With a picture, her name or a funky design you can make it her own for only £19.95.

The Alternative Choice To A Box

Have you tried the box idea before and loved it, but thought a box is just takes up too much space? Us too, which is why we know our cotton tote bags are the ultimate alternative.

They are so much fun, easy to design and made from the best quality materials – you can’t go wrong. Start yours here.

Designing Them Yourself

You can even customise them so they are unique for the person you are giving them to. Add a Merry Christmas message for them.

Designing a Christmas Eve Box can be such a fun task, but having ideas for it can be slightly difficult as you want to make them special for who they are for. Click for ideas.

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