When using our emails, there is no doubt that the majority of our inboxes are full of junk and spam emails, making it easier to miss those emails that we actually need.

With 90% of emails sent being spam, you need to start to do something to help.

Below are the easiest options for reducing that spam.

1. Use a Gmail account

gmailGoogle mail works for you to move the spam producers into their own spam folder, avoiding the clutter all in your main inbox.

A lot of junk emails are promotions that you may actually want to look at – Google notices this, therefore it recognises those that are advertisements and transfers them there, so you can still see them.

2. Try Boxbe

Boxbe is a clean out tool for your email. You create your guest list of previous addresses and those that are verified are able to send you emails. However, those who aren’t on the list have to verify that they are human – if not, you won’t get the spam.

Boxbe works with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and more.

3. Using a filter

The use of a filter on your email is to categorise emails into a specific category rather than you sifting through it all. All of those spam emails that you don’t want will be automatically deleted by your email provider, so you don’t have to press that delete button 8 times a day.

Filters do this by the use of certain words within an email to understand what category it belongs in.

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