Logging on to social media websites and online banking services from a smartphone, laptop or tablet is an everyday task for most consumers, so it is not surprising some people forget their passwords on a regular basis.

But the launch of a new pill could make this a thing of the past.

Scientists in the US said a new wonder capsule that contains a minute chip transmitting a person’s individual details can then be picked up by electronic devices, ending the need for passwords and paper forms of identification.

The tablet, which has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and European regulators, could make recalling security answers and other mundane tasks a thing of the past.

Its ingestible sensor is powered by a battery that utilises acid in the wearer’s stomach.

Regina Dugan, the Motorola executive who is championing the pill, said: “Authentication is irritating. In fact it’s so irritating only about half the people do it.

“Despite this fact, there is a lot of information about you on your smartphone, which makes you far more prone to identity theft.

“After 40 years of advances in computation, we’re still authenticating the same way we did years ago – passwords. In fact it’s worse, the average users does it 39 times a day and it takes them 2.3 seconds every time they do it.”

The capsule is based on a technology developed by California-based Proteus Digital Health, which is activated when it comes into contact with acid in the user’s body.

Then, it sends a signal that can be read by the mobile devices and allows them to confirm the identity of the individual.

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