• Tesco Hudl Tablet Available in Stores


    Following the announcement of last week's Tesco Hudl tablet, the device has hit the shelves in 1,000 of the supermarket giant's stores and is also available for purchase online.

    Offered in purple, red, black and blue, the device was launched to serve as a low-cost option - and with a price tag of just £119, it's likely to be a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the freedom that a tablet offers, while sticking to a budget. What's more, Tesco shoppers who have built up a collection of loyalty points on their Clubcards could potentially purchase the device for even less, using the company's 'Boost' scheme.
    Tesco Hudl Spec

    The Hudl runs on the Jelly Bean version of Google's Android operating system and features a seven-inch HD screen, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, a 3MP camera and up to 9.5 hours of battery life. The device also comes with 16GB of built-in storage, which can be upgraded to 48GB with an additional memory card.
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  • What do people really think of the new Amazon Kindle of 2016?

    The Amazon Kindle e-reader books have been around for 9 years and we have seen 8 variations of its kind.  One of the most popular Kindles is the Paperwhite.

    With one of the latest releases being a new and improved version of the Kindle, we want to know all aspects of it and if it really is worth purchasing.

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  • The fall of the smartphone providers and a comeback that didn’t happen

    A company that was previously ahead and in the smart phone market, failed in less than a decade by selling themselves for $4.7 billion, when previously being valued at $40 billion.

    Their successful history

    In 1996, Blackberry had a device that was a two-way-pager, one of the first to develop such a kind. It could send data over the internet that offered both delivery and read receipts – this is typical in messaging services these days.

    In 2002, Blackberry’s smart phone was born, enabling a two-way messaging system. Over the Continue reading

  • The rumoured HTC 11 – the flagship smart phone for 2017

    The HTC 11 is hoping to the flagship smart phone of 2017, and proudly becoming the successor of the HTC 10.

    With the recent release of the 10 earlier this year, it has already sparked conversations and debates about the 11, which is rumoured to be revealed between February 27th and March 2nd 2017, at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

    Talks about the ultimate speed of the new processor

    An improved processor with a faster speed time is what everybody has been asking for with HTC phones, and it seems like the manufactures will finally listen to us.

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  • Apple launches iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display


    US technology giant Apple is preparing to launch its new range of iPad tablets to compete with recently-released rivals, it has emerged.

    The company sent out invitations to the press on Tuesday (October 15th) for an event that will take place on October 22nd, with the world-famous brand confirming it has a "lot to cover" at the proceedings.

    New versions of the iPad will compete against Amazon's latest Kindle Fire, as well as several gadgets designed by Samsung.

    The latest tablet, the iPad Air is expected to feature lighter and thinner designs, along with more powerful processors, in order to attract customers who may have been tempted to purchase products from a rival brand.
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  • The reveal of the upcoming Samsung phone

    Ever since the release of both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge in March 2016, the praise received about their design, specs and cameras have been unbelievable.

    However, talk about the newest Samsung phone Galaxy S8 has been nonstop, discussing how the company can improve even more.

    Especially after the extensive damage from the Galaxy Note, Samsung really have powered them, and many are hoping for this to continue.

    The release of the new Galaxy is soon after the New Year (hoping)

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  • India is now the 2nd biggest smart phone market, taking over the US


    India has overtaken the US in being the 2nd largest smart phone market due to amazing annual growth.

    The country’s smart phone market is estimated at increasing at a rate of 23% through to 2018. It could also account for 30% of the global growth within the same period.  Roughly, 192 million smart phones will be shipped to India. Make your phone stand out from the rest and personalise a phone skin. Design here. Continue reading

  • How Well Did The iPad Mini 2 Do With Consumers?


    The iPad Mini 2 is almost identical to the previous release, the iPad Mini. The same minimalist design and the same amazing craftsmanship. The same design as our iPad skins, click here.

    There is a slight change, and that is the thinness and the lightweight feel. A much prettier and lighter design.  This makes it easier to transport around and easier for working. Learn more.

    Space Grey Is Added Yet Again

    The introduction of a lighter space grey version means the faceplate is as black and glossy as ever. The space grey edition means it is less susceptible of the scratches and damages, like the previous slate grey colour. Still want that space grey feature, but want to protect it? Shop our range of iPad skins.

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  • British Airways Allows Usage of Electronic Devices on Flights After Travelling

    International carrier British Airways is set to become the first European airline to let passengers switch on their smartphones and other devices shortly after landing.

    From the start of next month, customers will be invited to power up their electronic gadgets as soon as the plane has touched down, rather than having to wait until it has stopped entirely - which could be good news for those people who need to check their emails on a regular basis. Continue reading

  • Smartphone Weather App used to predict earthquakes

    Do We Rely on Our Smartphones too Much?

    The increasing dependence with which people rely on their smartphones means the handsets are becoming an intrinsic part of everyday life - with the devices utilised for professional purposes, communication and games.

    And many consumers, who may want to protect their gadget with a different smartphone case, now use their mobile as a way of checking the weather forecast. Particularly during sunny periods, this can be a great way to ensure your summer plans are not ruined by a sudden shower. Continue reading