Premium Personalised Photo Cushions

Personalised Photo Cushions with Text and PhotosIf you are searching for a more personal gift which will undoubtedly make the lucky recipient over the moon, these personalised photo cushions are certainly worth a look.

Cotton collage cushions will make a fantastic present for any occasion.

Gift giving as we all know is a very tricky thing to get right and it can be a real headache to get a present that makes an impact but also one which does not break the bank. A personalised photo cushion hits the mark on both counts and really shows you have put some thought into the gift.

Celebrate with Specialised Photo Gifts

There are times in life when you are moved to give someone a gift that is unique and that stands out as something truly special. One such occasion is when a loved one welcomes a new baby into the family. Designer cushions are a great option for a gift to welcome the new bundle of joy into the world.

Get a customisable cushion with text with a reminder of a special date. These cushions can make a great addition to the baby’s room and can be customized with a variety of information including the little one’s birth date, time of birth, measurements, and even a picture of the baby or of one of the earlier scans.

Special Occasions

Weddings are of course another occasion that call for a gift that shows a lot of thought. Photo gifts are a great gift for the new couple and can easily be personalised with photos of them through their relationship or if you are giving the gift later you can include photos of the wedding day itself.

There are many great designs from which to choose. Traditionally, wedding gifts are customised with the couple’s name and the wedding date, or you can add a personal message of congratulations. No matter which design you choose, the newlyweds will receive a custom gift that will remind them of their special day for years to come.


Gift for Mum and Dad

Our Mum and dad are the best right? after all without them you would not be here today struggling for the right gift to get them so that they do not dissown you. Mother's Day and Father's Day are particularly important and a great opportunity during the year for letting your parents know how much they mean to you.

These awesome personalised photo cushions that feature a family tree or a simple “I love you” with a photo of the family in the background can make a fantastic gift that they will cherish for years to come and supply valuable brownie points for next time you need a loan or a lift to the airport.

Create Photo Cushions and Covers

It is worth noting that not all photo cushions require extensive personalisation and time consuming design work, they can be personalised with just some simple text or a favourite photo which using the templates provided takes just seconds. The photo cushions come in several different sizes and the material the cushions are made of can be either 100% cotton twill or a plush faux suede material, both of which are exceptionally high quality.

Get a custom made faux suede cushion from just £16.95