Protecting Your Pixel Phone

A recent release from Google saw 2 new smart phones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Google really outdid themselves with this release, with a 5-inch display (or 5.5 inch for XL) and a 12MP camera – the best smart phone camera -people can’t get enough of it.

It is predicted that by the end of 2016, Google would’ve sold over 3 million Pixel phones. Just 2 months after being released!

Grab Yourself a One of a Kind Phone Case

personalised google pixel caseAs we know how popular personalised phone cases are, we have released our own phone cases just for the Pixel phone. Grab yours today and receive within 4 days!

Our stylish range ensures that your phone has protection at all times. Our cases provide superior shock absorption – preserving the sleek look of both choices of phone.

The cases are designed for easy accessibility to the power and volume buttons, as well as the headphone jack. Constructed to fit your phone like a glove, our cases won’t compromise the stunningly made glass aluminium body.

The high demand of customised phone cases would mean that there would be a large proportion of those who have a new Google who would want one. But, there aren’t many cases on offer for these phones, which is by we have designed the best ones for you.

For such an affordable price of £14.95, you can add any image and text to the case – adding a hint of you to the phone, whilst establishing full protection from scratches, dents and bumps.

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