• The Scoop on 3D Printing

    The advent of 3D Printing has fascinated many, yet few know the inner workings of 3D Printing. Sometimes referred to as ‘additive manufacturing,’ 3D Printing is comprised of a printer used to create a solid, three dimensional object from an electronic or digital file.

    It takes time for the printer to churn out the object, as layer upon layer of material is added. Materials that can be used by a 3D printer are plastic, metal, and many other substances. Continue reading

  • China's Huawei launches world's slimmest smartphone Ascend P6

    Up-and-coming Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced the launch of a brand new smartphone, which technology experts have argued could be set to rival the Apple iPhone. Hailed as the world's thinnest handset, the Ascend P6 is just over 6 mm thick and boasts a touch screen so sensitive that is responds to gloved hands.

    The smartphone's developers appear to be capitalising on the growing popularity of the so-called "selfie" - a photograph that is taken by the user, then uploaded to various social media platforms - by including "instant facial beauty support" that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blends skin tone. Continue reading

  • BBC launches weather app for smartphones

    The BBC has announced the launch of a new weather app for use on Apple and Android smartphones.

    Having previously been criticised for seeming to favour Apple's iOS operating system over Google's offering, the broadcaster has addressed the issue by releasing the service on devices using both systems.

    The free-to-download application provides five-day weather forecasts for those tech-savvy individuals who are hoping to ensure the sun is still shining well into the future. In addition, users can also make sure they are up-to-date on the pollen count, wind speed, humidity and UV levels with just a single click. Continue reading