• Get The Best Smartphone With LG


    Technology manufacturer LG has announced it is launching the world's first Quad HD smartphone screen. With smartphone’s always changing, you have to keep up to date with protecting your phone, look here for yours.

    The South Korean company, which confirmed the news earlier this year, said its new panel would deliver an "optimal viewing experience on larger smartphone displays" - coming with 538 pixels per inch. Continue reading

  • What do people really think of the HTC One A9?

    The HTC One A9 was designed to look just like the iPhone 6, many call it the iPhone with the brains of an Android.

    Which doesn’t sound too good, but why is there such an issue with Android phones?

    The black glass front taper, mixed with the curved aluminium body purely mimics the iPhone design. Continue reading

  • Making uni life easier with the apps for iPhone and Samsung

    Make Student Life Easier

    Uni life can be hard, but with the use of apps along with your studying can make things a whole lot easier.

    Below are 4 of our favourite apps for students.

    Lecture recordings is up and coming

    Soundnote is the most vastly used recording app on iOS. Whilst recording audio, it tracks what you type and draw – all at the same time. If you need to skip to a certain part in your lecture, repeat a word and it will skip straight to that part. Perfect for those students who fall asleep in lectures too!

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  • Google Announces Android 4.4 Kit Kat

    Search engine giant Google has unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system - Android KitKat.

    Bringing to an end months of speculation, the internet organisation confirmed the new offering would be named after the popular Nestle chocolate and wafer bar, coming as part of a partnership between the two companies.

    Surprising choice

    News of the new title came as a surprise to many in the technology industry, as it had previously been indicated that the 4.4 version of the operating system would be called Key Lime Pie.

    However, the decision to brand the software with the name of Nestle's snack bar is likely to be viewed as a marketing opportunity for the Swiss food and beverage maker. Continue reading

  • The Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity For 2017

    With today’s technology, it allows you to complete more tasks in a shorter time frame – boosting your productivity.

    There are thousands of apps in the world of smartphone’s and with this guide; you are bound to find the perfect one for you. You can also find the perfect phone case for you, start designing here.

    Download Inkflow - the Visual Thinking App

    This app allows the artist inside an individual to really come out. You can create and capture your ideas with this thoughtfully designed app. Show your phone off with one of our cases. Shop now.

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  • Find The Perfect Smartphone Camera For You


    The days of having a small phone that only had the ability to make calls and text are now over.

    Nowadays, phones are one of the best technologies that we can carry around. We expect them to be our photography companion, various ways of communicating, e.g. social media and much more. We demand more from our smartphones. The same we demand from our cases, start designing yours here.

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  • The Best iOS 10 Apps

    Apple has a constant release of iOS updates and along with that come the updates for apps. They are changing all the time and are always improving, just how their new products are always upgrading. Just like you can with your phone, shop now for your iPhone 7 skin.

    Below is our guide to what apps you need for the latest update of iOS.

    This one is for the amateur film makers

    Make your moments special with iMovie. With the latest iOS update, you can now download it for free!

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  • The fall of the smartphone providers and a comeback that didn’t happen

    A company that was previously ahead and in the smart phone market, failed in less than a decade by selling themselves for $4.7 billion, when previously being valued at $40 billion.

    Their successful history

    In 1996, Blackberry had a device that was a two-way-pager, one of the first to develop such a kind. It could send data over the internet that offered both delivery and read receipts – this is typical in messaging services these days.

    In 2002, Blackberry’s smart phone was born, enabling a two-way messaging system. Over the Continue reading

  • The rumoured HTC 11 – the flagship smart phone for 2017

    The HTC 11 is hoping to the flagship smart phone of 2017, and proudly becoming the successor of the HTC 10.

    With the recent release of the 10 earlier this year, it has already sparked conversations and debates about the 11, which is rumoured to be revealed between February 27th and March 2nd 2017, at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

    Talks about the ultimate speed of the new processor

    An improved processor with a faster speed time is what everybody has been asking for with HTC phones, and it seems like the manufactures will finally listen to us.

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  • The return of Nokia smart phones in 2017

    Nokia has revealed they are making an appearance at the Mobile World Congress event between February 27 to March 2nd 2017, suggesting the return of Nokia.

    The release of a new Nokia smart phone is definitely on the cards. Something that is being highly spoken about is the unveil of not one, but two smart phones in the up and coming months of 2017. The first is supposedly landing just before Christmas arrives.

    What happened to Nokia in the first place?

    Back in 2014, Nokia sold their mobile device company to Microsoft and ever since their devices were known as Lumia. Changes to Microsoft means that they are now leaving the mobile market and Nokia is set to return. Hence the return of the famously loved Nokia phones.

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