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  • Exciting New Products Coming Soon To Wrappz

    With the success from our other products, including personalised phone cases and gifts, we have an exciting new range of products to hit the shelves in upcoming weeks. Some of which include MacBook cases and wallets – all of which, you can custom make to your own desire.

    13” & 15” MacBook Cases

    These cases are created using tough, polycarbonate materials to be able to withstand any damages such as scratching. What makes it different to every MacBook case on the market is that you can upload your own photos and write a little message. It even makes a great gift for a loved one.

    It has been designed with precision to accurately fit your MacBook, whilst still having access to cameras, volume controls and ports.

    Beach Towels

    You can create your very own beach towel, but with a twist. Include any photo of your choice and watch it blow up over the entire circumference of the towel. Our towels are exceptionally soft and highly absorbent to help you dry down efficiently. One of our passport covers would match perfectly on holiday. Buy today.

    It’ll be a great idea for nabbing those sun beds on holiday in the morning as your face could be printed across it – it also makes a fun gift.

    Design Your Own Wallet

    We are soon to be releasing wallets where you can create your own design on the front – a fun way to design something different. Every time you get that wallet out, you could grab the attention of others and they will wish they had what you own. Keep an eye on our custom made gifts page. Click here.

    Our wallets include:

    • Card compartments
    • Coin holder
    • Durable stitching
    • Latest printing technology
    • Compartment for notes

    iPad Air 2 Case

    You can design your own iPad Air 2 case with photos and text of your choice. Make a statement whilst protecting your device from scratches, bumps and more. Choose between our pre-designed cases including monogram cases and Banksy art – or include your own images. Discover our already released iPad cases.

  • 2017, The Year Of The Gadget


    With a new year, exciting new things come with it.

    As we all know it, technology doesn’t stop. There are always new and exciting new developments, especially when it comes to products such as phones and tablets.

    Which of course, we design cases for, including Apple and Samsung phones. Shop here for iPhone cases. Click here for personalised Samsung Galaxy cases.

    With such a massive market, companies are always competing against one another to design and develop the latest piece of art that make our lives much more efficient.

    So, what can we expect from the coming months of 2017?

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  • LG's Secrets For 2017 Have Been Revealed

    LG are always on top of their releases and products – they are one of the most popular choice of smart phones, behind Apple and Samsung.

    2016 has been a strange year for LG’s smart phone department. The release of the LG G5 and the LG X Screen made a clear statement that they want to stand out from the crowd, and their competitors. Make your phone stand out and personalise your LG phone case. Click here.

    How Have LG Been Doing With The Tablet Angle?

    Earlier this year, we witnessed the release of a phablet from LG – the Stylus 2. Continue reading

  • Tablets Becoming The Must-Have Device For All Ages

    With Christmas coming up, consumers across the UK are set to be racking their brains over what surprises and original presents they can store under the tree for their little ones this year.

    And while toys, clothing and CDs remain a popular choice for children in the digital age, it seems tablet computers have become the gift of choice for in-the-know youngsters who want to be the envy of all their friends.

    Latest Figures

    According to figures from Ofgem, the number of children owning a mobile phone has fallen for the first time ever, as an increasing number make the switch to tablets for their web-browsing needs. Continue reading

  • Glitter Phone Skins - New Release by Wrappz!

    Following the recent release of customisable clear phone cases, Wrappz has revealed their second surprise of the Summer; Glitter Phone Skins. Now available from Wrappz, you can get glitter iPhone skins and glitter Samsung skins from just £8.95

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  • Pokémon Go Phone Case & Skins

    What is Pokémon Go?

    Pokémon Go is a apple/android app which uses GPS and the camera of compatible devices, when playing the game it allows you as the player to capture, train or even battle virtual world creatures known as Pokémon’s who will appear on your devices screen in the real world. It was released in most countries in July 2016 and is free to download.

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  • Open Sesame: New Function Allows Android Smartphones To Be Unlocked Via Voice Commands

    At this point Google already has an assortment of options that cleverly lock your home screen, including the ‘trusted places or devices’ feature. However, Google has now added a whole new impressive security unlock/lock feature which is being called the ‘Trusted Voice’ option. What this basically entails is if you say “Ok, Google” your voice will automatically unlock your phone, but importantly, anyone else’s voice will not be able to unlock it.

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  • NEEO Is The Smart Home Remote That Recognizes Your Hand

    Every smart home must have a smart remote, and there's a new company on crowd funding site Kickstarter that says the smartphone isn’t the best choice for that purpose. NEEO is a clever device that comes with a remote control and a 'brain' to keep control of your home centralised, this includes your home theatre kit and all of your connected gadgets like the Nest and Philips Hue.

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  • Apple iOS 7 'will support game controllers'

    Technology giant Apple has taken account of the growing importance of mobile gaming for on-the-go consumers by opening up its latest iOS 7 system to standardised third-party game controllers. As part of the move, the iPhone and iPad developer is introducing specific regulations that developers across the globe will now follow to ensure their games work with any of the brand's handsets.

    Although third-party controllers have been usable on iOS before, the developments suggest Apple is paying attention to the growing mobile gaming market and have addressed this in order to stay relevant.

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  • LG launches new G Pad 8.3 tablet

    The last few years have seen the tablet emerge as a must-have technology accessory for consumers from all walks of life, as the in-demand device provides the perfect in-between from the smartphone to PC.

    Easier than switching on a laptop, the product allows users to browse online content, keep in touch with friends and carry out work tasks without being constricted by the small screen size of most mobile phones.

    Due to the easy-to-use nature of most tablets, along with their convenience, it is no wonder that recent research has pointed to a significant uptake in usage around the world in the coming years. Continue reading