• LG's Secrets For 2017 Have Been Revealed

    LG are always on top of their releases and products – they are one of the most popular choice of smart phones, behind Apple and Samsung.

    2016 has been a strange year for LG’s smart phone department. The release of the LG G5 and the LG X Screen made a clear statement that they want to stand out from the crowd, and their competitors. Make your phone stand out and personalise your LG phone case. Click here.

    How Have LG Been Doing With The Tablet Angle?

    Earlier this year, we witnessed the release of a phablet from LG – the Stylus 2. Continue reading

  • The Latest Tablet Release From Samsung

    Samsung’s release of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet has sparked a revolution in the tablet industry. Shop for your personalised skin for £12.95 here.

    No other 10.1 inch tablet with Android 6, LTE and full-HD display offers what this tablet does.

    The Great Abilities of the Tablet

    It has the ability to bring your content to life with the amazingly high screen resolution, offering one of the best viewing experiences in the mobile device market.

    With twice as many pixels as other HD screens, you can enjoy stunning quality whilst using the tablet. Continue reading

  • How Well Did The iPad Mini 2 Do With Consumers?


    The iPad Mini 2 is almost identical to the previous release, the iPad Mini. The same minimalist design and the same amazing craftsmanship. The same design as our iPad skins, click here.

    There is a slight change, and that is the thinness and the lightweight feel. A much prettier and lighter design.  This makes it easier to transport around and easier for working. Learn more.

    Space Grey Is Added Yet Again

    The introduction of a lighter space grey version means the faceplate is as black and glossy as ever. The space grey edition means it is less susceptible of the scratches and damages, like the previous slate grey colour. Still want that space grey feature, but want to protect it? Shop our range of iPad skins.

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