Games are an app that you will always have on your phone, even if it’s one. There is still one there. Games in the app store are always changing and sometimes it’s hard to try them all out on your iPhone – protect your iPhone with one of our tailor made phone covers.

Below are the iPhone games that are most popular right now

top apple appsFifa Mobile

Fifa mobile, known as the most authentic football experience on the go.

The app keeps you up to date with what’s going on in the football world with the live events feature. EA have included a quick attack mode to play, and allow you to join teams with your friends and others around the world.

Fifa mobile includes 30 leagues, 350 teams and 170,000 players.

Fit the Hole

The aim of this game is to fit the cube through the gaps in the wall, without touching the wall.

The rules of the game are straightforward and are easy to pick up. Tap left to roll left. Tap right to roll right. Hold screen to keep rolling. Simple.

Killer Clown Chase

Considering what is going on recently, this game seems morbid, but exciting. It is currently trending 4th for free apps on IOS.

All you have to do in this game is to bounce (tap) your clown, until it reaches the end of the course – with a few hurdles in the way. Many have said it is fun passes time fast.


Pinout is known as the reinvented Pinball. It is a race against time in a journey through illuminating lights and retro beats music. This game keeps you excited an addicted from the first play.

Block! Hexa Puzzle Bitmango

With over 300 levels, Block is a puzzle game made to challenge the mind.

All you have to do is fit all of the blocks in the frame without the ability to rotate them, once they all fit; you’re onto the next level. With no time limit on the levels, it means you can take as long as you like.