Wrappz's customers always have a lot of questions and we are here to answer them, please feel free to read the below or contact us on live chat to hear about the new and amazing gifts we have on offer



What are personalised cases?

Personalised cases are protective cases for phones, iPads and iPods that you design yourself using your own awesome images, photos and text. Our custom cases fit your device perfectly and are made from the very highest quality materials and high resolution print. Wrappz personalised cases are printed all around the sides of the case giving maximum coverage.

What happens if I have a problem?

We would be delighted to help you, we have staff on call to help you every step of the way. At any time during the design process or even after you have purchased you can click the 'Live Help' button and speak immediately to one of our customer service staff. You can of course also telephone 020 8462 2618 or email us support@wrappz.com

What are Faux Leather Cases?

Personalised faux leather cases are made from the highest quality PU imitation leather. They look incredible and are extremely cost effective and hard wearing. The ability to be able to customise a leather case with your images and text is a very new and exciting feature for Wrappz. These are high quality cases that look beautiful and can be customised to make them personal to you.


What are personalised skins?

Personalised skins are adhesive vinyl stickers that perfectly cover your precious device protecting it from general wear and tear like scratches and scuffs. They are produced using a special patented 3M vinyl and adhesive which means they can be easily repositioned and removed without leaving any mess or residue. Design yours today by uploading your favourite photos and adding text.

Do I have to use my own images and text?

No, you can also use images from our huge galleries, these include hundreds of our fabulous artists works, patterns and backgrounds and a gallery of fun and amusing slogans and sayings. You can use any of these images on their own or you can use these combined with your own uploaded photos and then you can also add text if you like.

Wrappz have also now added a section to the site where you can choose from hundreds of pre-made skins and cases, these have already been designed by our designers so you don't have to do anything to them if you don't want to, they look fab just as they are - however as with all Wrappz products even these pre-made skins and cases can be customized with your own text and even your images if you like - it's yours so make it exactly how you want it.

Is it easy to design a custom case or skin?

It is incredibly easy, and it's great fun. Our software has been built to make the whole design process simple and quick to use, you just choose to design either a case or a skin then choose your device eg iPhone 5, you are then taken into the application where you are provided with step by step instructions on how to upload your images and add your text.

You can upload images straight from the device you are using or you can grab them from Facebook or Instagram. You can import as many photos or images as you like and then edit them by changing the size, rotating, changing to black and white or sepia, change the layer order of images, resize the image to fit the whole design area in one click, centre the image - pretty much whatever you need to do is easy and quick.

Adding personalised text to your design is just as easy, you can write whatever you like and then choose from a variety of typefaces and colours, you can make the text whatever size you like, rotate it and all the other fun stuff you can do with images. This is perfect for a heartfelt birthday, Christmas or Valentines message when you are creating a custom case or skin as a gift.