Faux Leather Passport Cover

Have you been searching for the perfect present, but had no luck? You’ve come to the right place. By creating a unique faux leather passport cover with a little help from Wrappz, you’ll end up with a gift that is 100% unique - just for the recipient.

Or maybe it can be for you, why not! Our faux leather passport covers are both stylish and durable - we have 2 options for you depending if you want a fully printed outside cover or just the front cover printed. Both options are made from premium faux leather material and provide a perfect home for your passport.

Our designer tool is user friendly and simple - you can create a stunning design in no time! Either upload your own photos or images, or alternatively you can choose from our range of pre-designed templates to get you inspired - everything is customisable. Get creative today and design something that is truly unique.

  1. £18.95
    • Animal friendly faux leather
    • microfiber lined inner
    • Front cover printable only
    • black faux leather
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