If you experience a complication during the checkout process, there are some simple steps to take (depending on the nature of the issue) that may help to resolve the complication.

  • Credit/Debit Card Issues
  • PayPal Complications

Credit/Debit Card Issues

  1. Input credit card information correctly
    • Do not use spaces, dashes or other characters when placing in your card number
    • Please make sure the expiration date and security code are exact.
    • Please place name as shown on card into the appropriate field.
    • Please ensure the card is registered to the billing address you specify.
  2. Check Firewall and/or Security Settings

    If you trying to access your account from work or a public computer, please be advised that some companies/organizations may have adjusted their security settings to block potentially hazardous websites. Accessing the Wrappz site while Firewall & security settings are set to "High" may affect basic functions of the site including the checkout process. If your computer accesses the web through a business intranet, please ask the computer's IT Administrator to add our webpage as a "trusted site."

    If you are using your own connection, make sure that your individual security settings are adjusted to Medium (or default) and that wrappz.com has been added as a "trusted site.

  3. Multiple Failed Attempts Processing a Credit Card Transaction

    If you have tried to process your transaction with the same credit card two or more times, and your order has failed to completethen there may be an issue with the credit/debit card you are attempting to us as our payment gateway is blocking the transaction.

    If you are experiencing this problem

    • Try placing your order with a different credit card
    • Use Paypal to complete your transaction
    • Check with your bank to ensure there are no current restrictions on your card

PayPal Complications

We collect funds from your PayPal account only when a new order has moved into the processed state. You must have a valid credit card or debit card linked to your PayPal account to proceed through checkout.

If you have encountered an error during the checkout process or received a message of payment failure while attempting to finalize your Wrappz order, be advised that your order has NOT been processed until you have reached the final Wrappz order confirmation page. Your order will show in our system as Unconfirmed and no money will have been debited from you. If you encounter this issue and are unsure as to the status of the transaction, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you in completing your order. In some instances you may need to contact PayPal to ascertain the nature of the payment failure.

We assure you that you will only be charged for orders that are finalized and verified through our on-line order system.

Declined PayPal Transactions
There are several reasons your payment may have been declined by PayPal.

  • Suspicion of fraud or incorrect billing information
  • Invalid Credit Card or account linked to PayPal (or none linked)
  • Insufficient funds

For more information, please log in to your PayPal account , or contact PayPal Customer Support.

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