Personalised Mouse Mat

Mouse mats are being personalised in ways that were earlier not even thought of. Our durable mouse mats produced from high-quality neoprene fabric. With a dimension of 235 x 195 mm, the non-slip mouse mats work well for all types of mouse, whether roll-ball, laser or optical. So it’s perfect for work and gaming!

Our fabric mouse mats also have a 3 mm foam backing, so it’s comfortable to use on any surface.

Use our designer tool to create a personalised mouse mat as a gift for someone special, or why not make one for yourself! Creating a personalised design is easy - you can upload your own photos and images, or alternatively we have a range of design templates that can be customised to help you get started.

Whether you’re looking to perk up your home office space or add a touch of branding to your office, adding a personal touch can make a space. Anyone who works or plays a lot on a desktop or laptop will be familiar with ‘mouse arm’ after a little too much screen time. So mouse mats are a necessary element for your desk decor!  

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  1. £8.92
    • Size 235 x 195mm
    • 3mm foam backing
    • Works with any mouse type
    • Neoprene Fabric surface
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Can you customise a mouse pad?

You can easily customise a fabric mouse mat with Wrappz! We create quality image mouse pads, so simply choose your image and add your design to personalise your own mouse mat. We offer a range of templates and customisation options, so whether you’re looking for a unique style or to create a branded accessory for the workplace, our easy-to-use design tool can help you make your desired look. 

Looking for a Personalised Gift?

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