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Laptop Skins

Laptop skins from Wrappz not only provide excellent protection for your device, but also a perfect blank canvas for you to design your own unique work of portable art. Whether you want to show a memorable moment in time, a family photo, something that makes you laugh or advertise a company or event, the choice is yours.

So be inspired and show your personality! Our laptop skins and stickers are made from premium self adhesive vinyl, using the latest digital printing techniques to produce an eye catching and vibrant image - your laptop skin will get noticed!

For most laptop models, simply measure the dimensions of your laptop lid and select the dimensions from the drop down menu below. Once you have created your template size, create your awesome design and send it to us - we'll do the rest so sit back, relax and wait for your laptop skin to arrive.

For MacBooks choose your device from the available models listed and get designing!

Design your personalised laptop & MacBook skins in 4 easy steps

Find Your Laptop or MacBook

We stock laptop and MacBook skins for all the latest models - don't have yours? just enter your required width and height. Start creating your laptop skin now.

Make it Yours

Select either a pre-designed template or a blank canvas and start designing your customised laptop skin with all your favourite images and text in place.

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Laptop & MacBook Skin Examples

personalised macbook pro skin
custom laptop skin
photo macbook air skin
personalised laptop skin

All Wrappz laptop skins are made of patented 3M self-adhesive vinyl to provide a sleek, stylish finish. The vinyl is designed to be easy to apply to your laptop while avoiding any annoying air bubbles, and you can also reposition the skin during application to ensure the perfect fit.


Laptop skins from Wrappz will not damage your laptop in any way. If you ever want to remove the skin from your laptop, the vinyl will simply peel away without leaving any residue. So you can change your style whenever you like, without making a mess! 


Wrappz laptop skins can be applied following an easy 3 step process.

1. Make sure that the surface of your laptop is wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth (making sure not to get water on it!) and leave to dry.

2. Gently get rid of any remaining fingerprints or oily marks on your machine using a microfibre cloth.

3. Peel the vinyl skin away from the backing and carefully apply it firmly to the laptop as required. The back of the vinyl comes with air release/air free bubbles so you should not encounter any air bubbles.

If you want to make any changes to how your laptop sticker is applied, it can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched using a hairdryer.

Absolutely! You can upload all your favourite photos and images using our browser-based designer application, to create a completely custom laptop skin. Plus, if you’re struggling for inspiration, you can also personalise your laptop skin using one of our many pre-designed templates which are all fully customisable, so we’re sure you’ll find something you like.


Text can be added to customise your laptop skin even further, so don’t hold back. Names, quotes, and even song lyrics are all popular choices amongst our customers - your only limit is your imagination.


We supply skins for a huge range of MacBooks. If you’re not sure which MacBook you have then simply click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your MacBook screen and then click ‘About this Mac’. This will then open a popup like the one below showing which MacBook you own.

It’s your choice - you can choose to have the skin with the logo or without the Apple logo.

Yes, absolutely. All you need to do is measure the width and the height of the flat area of your laptop lid in centimetres and then select the option for ‘Custom Size Laptop Skins’. Once the product page has loaded, choose your width and height from the available drop-down options.

Please note: you must only measure the flat area of the laptop lid as skins cannot be applied around compound corners. The curvature of the corners of custom laptop skins is all set the same so it may not precisely match the corners of your laptop.

Our customers love our personalised laptop skins