Custom Phone Skins

Design your own phone skin today! Upload your photos, add text or use artist’s images to the design tool, and we’ll turn it into a phone skin you can be proud to show off. Our custom phone skins are made from high-quality self-adhesive vinyl, are easy to fit and easy to remove with no mess or leftover residue.

All Wrappz skins are designed with precision to ensure a perfect fit for every model we support. Our skins offer a sleek and stylish phone effect for a variety of devices, including Apple, Samsung, Google and Nokia.

Select your device below and begin creating your perfect skin.

Looking for greater protection? Why not check out our range of phone cases and personalised phone cases for something a bit more robust. 

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Design your personalised phone skin in a few easy steps

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We stock fabulous phone skins for all the latest brands and models. Select your phone from the list and start getting creative now to personalise and protect your phone.

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Select either a pre-designed template or a blank canvas and start designing your customised phone skin with all your favourite images and text in place.

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Custom Phone Skins - What will you design?

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personalised iphone skin
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samsung galaxy s10 skin

About our phone skins

Whereas phone cases are removable covers for your handset, phone skins physically stick to your device much like a sticker would. If you're looking to personalise your phone and make it unique to you, both products will do. Wrappz design application offers the same level of customisation regardless of whether you're deciding between a phone skin and a phone case. However, where they mostly differ is the level of protection each product provides.

If you're looking for a product that prevents your phone's surfaces from becoming scratched, a phone skin is ideal for this application (depending on the extent of the scratch, of course!). However, if you're looking for something more harder-wearing to protect your phone from falls and drops,  you may be better off considering a phone case. Wrappz stock cases for all popular handsets using a variety of different materials - you can design a personalised phone case here.


We produce all of our phone skins using patented self-adhesive vinyl for a sleek and stylish finish. This adhesive makes Wrappz skins easy to apply without leaving any annoying air bubbles, and no residue is left behind when removed. Better yet, the adhesive allows you to reposition the skin while applying it, so you can easily get a perfect fit with your phone skin. 


Wrappz phone skins can be easily applied following a simple 3 step process.

1. Make sure that the surface and sides of your phone are wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth (making sure not to get water on your phone!) and leave to dry.

2. With clean hands, gently get rid of any remaining fingerprints or oily marks using a microfibre cloth.

3. Peel the vinyl skin away from the backing and carefully apply it firmly to the phone as required. The back of the vinyl comes with air release/air free bubbles so you should not encounter any air bubbles.

If you want to make any changes to how your skin is applied, it can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched using a hairdryer.

Absolutely. Our skins are simple to remove and won’t leave any sticky residue behind. So if you fancy changing things up a bit, you can do so easily and without making a mess.


Our phone skins are created using premium quality materials and designed with durability in mind. Featuring an anti-scratch and anti-UV coating, a phone skin from Wrappz will cover the back of your phone to keep it protected from all kinds of daily wear and tear. Our phone skins do not cover the sides or front of the phone.


Of course! Using our browser-based designer app, you can upload all your favourite photos and images to create a completely custom phone skin - it’s that simple! If you’re stuck for ideas, you can also personalise your phone skin using one of our stunning pre-designed templates. We have a wide range of templates to choose from which are all customisable, so you’ll be sure to find something you like.


Text can be added to customise your phone skin even further, so don’t hold back. Names, quotes, and even song lyrics are all popular choices - the sky's the limit. 


Our customers love our personalised phone skins