Custom Xbox 360, Controller Skins - Create Your Own

The Xbox 360 is a special electronic game console, which also allows you to watch high-definition movies, sports, and TV entertainment. With all that kind of entertainment bundled in one device, you want to make sure that it is well-protected. Thanks to Wrappz, you can protect your Xbox 360 (and the wireless controller) with a specially manufactured vinyl covering. The Xbox 360 skins are made from impermeable 3M vinyl.

The skins not only protect your Xbox 360 from the wear-and-tear that comes from everyday use and abuse, they also enhance the outlook of your gadget. Create your own Microsoft xbox 360 Slim skins, xbox Kinect and xbox 360 custom controllers by clicking the link below.

  • Microsoft Console Skins

    Microsoft Console Skins

  • Microsoft Controller Skins and accessories

    Microsoft Controller Skins and accessories

Create your Own Custom Xbox Stickers Easily

You can personalise the cover with images or slogans as well. Upload pictures from your system or import an image from your Facebook or Instagram account or choose some special artwork from our gallery. You can add a special message, your name or initials too. The app makes the process simple and quick to do.

Because you can customise your Microsoft Xbox 360 skin, you can also deter theft. The skin can be personalised with images or your name, which makes it just that much more difficult for anyone to take. You can also replace your old custom xbox skins with another Wrappz cover sticker without worrying about leaving any residue behind.

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Get your Custom Skin For Xbox 360 in 1 - 2 Days

So, if you're looking for a premium, protective skin that can also be customised, try out our custom Xbox covers. Since they are made in the UK, they will be dispatched within 1 - 2 days.