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Photo Cushions
Photo Cushions

Personalised iPad Mini Cases - Create your Own

Are you looking for iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 cases? Then, you don't have to search any further. Wrappz designs cases that will ideally fit both the ipad mini and ipad mini 2 retina display to protect the device. The personalised iPad mini case is designed with a high quality hard plastic that features cut-outs for camera, volume control, speaker and various ports.

Your case isn't just for the benefit of style. It is also waterproof and protects your precious device from any unforeseen damages and standard wear and tear.

ipad mini case personalised

Design your own Personalised iPad Mini Cover Easily

Besides safeguarding your iPad technology, the case can also be customised with a photo, message or slogan that is printed on to the sides too. It's so easy to make your own custom ipad mini case with photo using our cases designer. In just minutes you'll have uploaded your own image or chose one of our hundreds of image options. You can also use your own personal image from your Instagram or Facebook accounts and add text in a number of font styles and colours.

By customising your case's design, you'll keep track of your iPad Mini much more easily too. Make it easier to find it if you leave it on your desk at work, or happen to leave it on a table in a restaurant. These are not skins!

Get your Customised Photo iPad Mini Case in just 1-2 days!

ipad mini cases

All our cases and covers are produced in the UK so that we can ensure our customers get their personal creations in just 1-2 days time.