Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Mobile operators 'to switch data traffic to Wi-Fi'

    Almost half of data traffic that is generated by electrical devices this year is set to be offloaded to Wi-Fi and small-cell networks, new findings from Juniper Research has suggested.

    Signals from smartphones, tablets and other 3G and 4G-connected devices amounting to the same amount as ten billion movie downloads are thought to be outsourced over the next 12 months, which could cause a loss of earnings for some networks. Continue reading

  • Combine Technology & Fashion With Wrappz Summer Phone Cases

    Preparing your wardrobe for the summer months is often a long and tricky task for the more fashion-conscious among us, as it means getting rid of dated looks in favour of something new and exciting.And keeping up with the hottest looks on the catwalk and red carpet can be just as tough, as fashionistas seem to change their style more than they upgrade their mobile phones.

    Quick Tips to Update Your Summer Look

    But never fear. Tips on how to update last season's wardrobe with just a few new essentials are never hard to find - and its easy to ensure you remain ahead of the pack in the style stakes without breaking the bank. Continue reading

  • China's Huawei launches world's slimmest smartphone Ascend P6

    Up-and-coming Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced the launch of a brand new smartphone, which technology experts have argued could be set to rival the Apple iPhone. Hailed as the world's thinnest handset, the Ascend P6 is just over 6 mm thick and boasts a touch screen so sensitive that is responds to gloved hands.

    The smartphone's developers appear to be capitalising on the growing popularity of the so-called "selfie" - a photograph that is taken by the user, then uploaded to various social media platforms - by including "instant facial beauty support" that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blends skin tone. Continue reading

  • Personalised Valentines Day Gifts Offer!

    Whether you are giving the gift to a man or woman, a customised phone case is the ideal present for Valentine's Day. With a durable plastic construction, the case can provide protection from the wear-and-tear of everyday cell phone use. Plus, remember, the case is personalized.Therefore, you can add special pictures, whether they are from your own album or from an Instagram or Facebook account.

    In addition, with a personalized case, a mobile is just that much easier to find. So, not only does the case have a special meaning, it is also a practical gift for anyone who regularly uses a phone. Continue reading