As time goes on, androids are becoming increasingly popular, and you might find it hard to choose which one is for you, this list will help you pick.

Below are the 5 most popular in 2016.

1. Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

Samsung – known as the most popular choice of android phones and the first choice for our best android phones of 2016. It’s the first smart phone that has a camera with a dual pixel sensor. Photos taken in the dark will now come out clear and crisp – just how you want them to. The galaxy s7 has a curvature dual edge screen design and a waterproof feature.

If you want the Galaxy s7 Edge, you can buy from the Samsung store at the price of £639 – one of the more expensive smart phones.

2. Moto Z

samsung-glitter-phone-skinThe Moto Z – known as the world’s thinnest phone. With this phone, you can customise your phone with the Moto Maker, an endless choice of body colours and Moto Mods. Moto Mods allows your phone to become a projector, boom box and battery powerhouse. With the turbo-power charging it allows 7 hours of battery life whilst only charging for 15 minutes.

3. HTC 10

This HTC phone is best used if you love your music – the speakers create amazingly clear audio. With the picture perfect display on the 5.2 inch 2k screen, watching and viewing on this phone is perfect. The touch speed has increased, which has created the competition with the iPhone for speed.

Prices first began at £570, but have now dropped to £470.

4. LG G5

Picture taking is now easier with the G5 as Life’s Good has introduced dual rear cameras so you can capture the full moment, without lacking in quality. With this android, there is a slide out battery feature so you can change the battery, helping you to stay connected. For a sleeker look, 3D arch glass has been placed at the top of the phone for a curved effect, along with a metal alloy finish in a choice of colours.

5. OnePlus 3

google-pixel-phoneThe new OnePlus includes a 5.5 inch touch screen, with a fingerprint recognition that is known as being fast and highly accurate. The most exciting feature that has been released from this new OnePlus is dash charge – with the charging time of 30 minutes, it results in a whole day’s charge and claims to be faster, safer and cooler.

6. Google Pixel

The Google Pixel known as the new King. The Google assistant has been built in for you to get answers from and can be just like your own PA. The camera quality has been said to have the perfect camera for any lighting, making your photos brilliant no matter what. With the Pixel phone, there will be no more worry about deleting old images/videos for memory as it has unlimited storage – one thing nobody can ever complain about. You can even create your own case with those images.

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