Phones and lifestyle

The change in technology has changed the way people are in everyday life, from texting to extensive workouts.

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5 best fitness apps for android: The painless way of keeping fit

With phones being in constant use it is now becoming easier to have that healthy lifestyle. The market for fitness apps are rising every year with more people feeling the need for a changed lifestyle. Be an iPhone or Android – 58% of smart phone users have at least used a fitness app once.

Below are the most popular apps for both IOS and Android

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy if your mini pocket friend giving you access to 1,700 exercises, stretching and toning techniques. In addition, it can plan your workouts and tracks your progress.


Simply Work It offers videos of over 200 exercises that are performed by professional personal trainers. It also has the ability to work on specific areas of the body you want to work on.


This app helps to track your distance based workouts and sports activities via a GPS. With a sharing feature, you can create a bit of friendly competition with friends and record your progress.

7 Minute Workout

The ability to do this anytime, anywhere with no equipment needed makes it unbelievably easy to complete. Provided by a virtual trainer there are 12 exercises to do, and you also receive motivation.

Lose it!

Lose it is filled with many different features including a calorie counter, barcode scanner to track foods and a recipe builder. This app focuses more on the change of the eating side of a healthy lifestyle.