The BBC has announced the launch of a new weather app for use on Apple and Android smartphones.

Having previously been criticised for seeming to favour Apple’s iOS operating system over Google’s offering, the broadcaster has addressed the issue by releasing the service on devices using both systems.

The free-to-download application provides five-day weather forecasts for those tech-savvy individuals who are hoping to ensure the sun is still shining well into the future. In addition, users can also make sure they are up-to-date on the pollen count, wind speed, humidity and UV levels with just a single click.

weatehr appAndroid users can take advantage of a homescreen widget and the opportunity to share locations with other devices using near-field communications, two features that are not available on Apple’s iOS system. Protect your device with a personalised phone cover by Wrappz.

Weather App Launch

BBC officials said the app’s launch came as a result of the “huge increase” in individuals accessing its weather services from mobile devices over the past 12 months.

Liz Howell, head of BBC Weather, said: “We know that our audiences really want that at-a-glance forecast when they’re out and about, with the option of digging for further detail when they need or want to.

“That’s exactly what we’ve delivered, squeezing in all of our trusted data into an app that’s simple to use and looks fantastic.”

The service is particularly useful for fashion-conscious individuals who want to plan their outfits well in advance, ensuring they look their best whatever the weather. Be fashion-savvy with your phone, get a glitter phone skin for iPhone or Samsung here!

Individuals who are attending Wimbledon, Glastonbury or the British Grand Prix are among those to benefit from the app, as it ensures they can prepare for each event accordingly.

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