The days of having a small phone that only had the ability to make calls and text are now over.

Nowadays, phones are one of the best technologies that we can carry around. We expect them to be our photography companion, various ways of communicating, e.g. social media and much more. We demand more from our smartphones. The same we demand from our cases, start designing yours here.

This has resulted in massive improvements in the smartphone market every year, one of them being the quality of the camera.

Listed below is our guide to the top 5 smartphone cameras on the market this year, which could make life easier for those consumers on the lookout for a new phone.

  1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has always been one of the best for cameras, and are rated one of the best smart phones on the market. Make yours even better with our mandala case range. Shop here.

This phone has not one, but two camera lenses as a new, smart feature.

An upgraded aperture of f/1.8 means 50% more light can now get into your pictures, making them much better.

This is perfect for all the selfie lovers with a massive 7 megapixel front facing camera.Camera

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Designed to perform the exceptionally well in low lighting as the majority of the time, our special moments happen when there isn’t enough light. Your pictures will come out perfect. Just like Samsung marble skin, buy now.

A brighter F1.7 lens and with a 1.4m pixel sensor means much more light is brought into your pictures, making them detailed.

The focus has been described as revolutionary. A dual pixel sensor is used for phase detection, so your autofocus shots are amazingly fast and seamless, even movement can be clearly captured.

  1. Google Pixel Phone

Google have noted this phone as the best smartphone camera ever. So what’s so special about it? Find out more.

This phone is the camera for every single selfie lover out there, forget the iPhone 7 plus. It’s all about the 8 megapixel front camera. Set your phone off and customise your Google device here.

With a familiar feature as Samsung, it also works very well under low lighting conditions, ensuring every single photo taken is pristine.

  1. OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T is the top end smartphone, that won’t damage the bank. The camera is included in that.

This is the perfect tool for those photographers that are practising their work on the go. You can easily capture and go. The same as easily designing your personalised phone case. Start here.

With both a front and rear camera of 16 megapixels, this camera produces the most clear images you can imagine.