The LG G6, the phone that LG desperately needed. LG’s previous releases have been successful due to their standout, unique features. For example, the LG G3 introduced quad HD display whilst the G4 phones had bold leather backs and 2016’s G5 had a modular design. Something different each year. Create your G4 case.

However, LG are hoping that the release of the exciting G6 will spark a revolution in LG smartphones. The LG G6 is different, as you’d expect. But, it is quite unlike any other phone we have on the market here in the UK.LG G6

An odd, yet creative choice from LG

The odd display is similar to a China only phone, the Xiaomi MiMix, with the screen stretched to every corner of the device. LG’s logic in doing this for their new release was to have a bigger screen in a smaller build, with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Find out more.

Now, the resolution of the screen has been described as ‘lovely’ and ‘stunning’, something you’d expect with a resolution of 2800 x 1440. By offering vivid, bright colours you are sure to have an elegant and crisp display.

What will people think of a change as big as this?

Something that consumers loved about LG phones was the ability to replace the battery if something ever went wrong. However, with the new design the removable battery is now gone and we aren’t sure how well this will go down well with LG lovers.

Despite this, it has been replaced with a power pack and a waterproof shell – as all phones of the market seem to have. It looks like LG are catching up. Personalise your LG case today.

 High hopes for the South Korean brand

The LG G6 is plastered with both metal and glass, as well as having two sheets of gorilla glass finished off with aluminium on the rim. LG have impressed those who have already experienced the phone, as the top and bottom have been shrunk with narrow buttons to create a nice, comfortable feel when using the smartphone.

There are high hopes for the new phone from LG. The G6 is a classic, sophisticated phone that is hoping to bring LG back into the smartphone market. The back is smooth with no camera bump at all, meaning convenience and beauty. Choose your pick from platinum, black or white. Even if you’re not a fan of these colours, you can design your own phone case. Click here.