Stand Out In A Crowd With Our Cases

2016 was the year of initial phone cases and 2017 will only get better, it is likely that they are just going to become even more popular.

Our initial cases are designed to keep your phone looking as sleek as ever, with features such as anti-scratch and anti-fade proof, protection from scratches and bumps.

Built with the best materials to make it durable and lightweight, the design is long lasting and vivid. And for only £14.95, you cant miss out.

A cute and economical design for Samsung and Apple phones. Join the latest trend and choose your monogram case below:

Initial Phone Case

Investing In Style With A Monogram Initial Phone Case

Investing in a personalised initial phone case, you can be just like the hottest celebrities on the block, such as Megan Mckenna and Fern Mccann, because we all love keeping on trend with the latest celebrities.

You can add your own initials or even your name and really make it yours with our Samsung monogram initial phone case.

Get Your iPhone Initial Phone Case

Personalise your iPhone with our marble designed initial phone case, finished off with a glossy result.

Our marble initial phone cases are perfect for yourself, or even as a last minute Christmas or Birthday present for anyone with an iPhone 6S. Buying this as a gift really shows you thought of them throughout the process – because who doesn’t deserve a special present? Buy now.

Samsung Monogram Phone Cases

Samsung phones are wildly popular in the smart phone industry, and are the 2nd biggest company. This is why we have also designed marble initial cases that fit perfectly on the latest Samsung models, such as the Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge and S6. Design yours now.

Initial phone cases, for both iPhone and Samsung are designed to make you and your much look much better – people will even come and ask you where you bought it from as they’ll want to join the trend too!