India has overtaken the US in being the 2nd largest smart phone market due to amazing annual growth.

The country’s smart phone market is estimated at increasing at a rate of 23% through to 2018. It could also account for 30% of the global growth within the same period.  Roughly, 192 million smart phones will be shipped to India. Make your phone stand out from the rest and personalise a phone skin. Design here.

China is the 1st in being the largest smart phone market sales have fallen and it is suggested that India will grow nearly 5 times faster. The growth in India is estimated to 23%, whereas in China it is only a mere 8%.

So, what contributed to this growth in the smart phone market?

In 2015, there were 225 million smart phone subscribers, which accounts for 18% of the total population of phone market

Indian’s Government had a massive contribution to this growth due to the Aadhaar Initiative. It assigns an identification number to registered citizens, helping to encourage fingerprints and iris scans. Both are very common in recent smart phone designs. With all these similarities in phones, it can make it hard to know whose is whose. Change this problem and customise your case now.

This information allows residents to access Government services such as health care, which is why the Government is pleading smart phone designers to create software that support iris based authentication technology.

The company that helped make this movement happen

Samsung dominated the smart phone market in India in 2015 with an increased share of 25.7%. Other shares involve Micromax with 16.1% and Intex with 10.4%. Browse our Samsung cases here.

Despite the massive share of Samsung, almost half of the mobile devices sold in India in 2015 were also made in India as over 20 smart phone companies are using Indian factories to assemble their devices. Almost one in three of these smart phones were sold and bought through the internet.

Smart phones that are based in the West, such as Apple and Google, intensely look for growth in the East.

This can give other countries significant influence over what features are present on the phones that they build.

Despite all the features that are being built on these smart phones a cover for your phone is essential in ensuring longevity of your device. Buy now.