With the countdown to Christmas well underway, it’s time to start thinking about christmas gift ideas for the men in your life.

Whether you’re shopping for your partner, father, brother or a close friend, choosing the perfect festive gift may seem a bit tricky. After all, he probably already has a good collection of ties and the box set of Die Hard on both DVD and Blu-ray. Meanwhile, presents like a bottle of wine or a Wrappz gift certificate might seem a bit uninspired – and you probably know they aren’t what he wants to see under the Christmas tree.

For most guys, gift-giving can’t go wrong with some sort of new gadget or gizmo – and there are plenty of options to consider this holiday season from simple back massagers to massive flat-screen tellies. So what should you get the gentleman in your life? Here are our top five electronic gifts ideas for men who are tech-savvy.

personal christmas gift

1. Smartphones

The phone manufacturers are really working to outdo each other and it seems like a new phone is released every few days with improved tech and more benefits than its predecessor. While it might seem hard to keep up with what’s what, the best way to decide on a Smartphone is to decide on what features are most important.

For example, the iPhone 5S is a stylish option that feature’s Apple’s iconic design and high-end features like a fingerprint scanner. It’s even available in a gold colour if you want the gift to exude luxury. Meanwhile, the Nokia 1020’s camera has received high levels of praise and the Sony Z1 is waterproof to three metres.

2. Tablets

As with Smartphone’s, the number of tablets to choose from is on the increase, with options ranging in price from the £99 Kindle Fire to the Microsoft Surface pro at more than £600.

When choosing a tablet, the price tag may be a major part of your decision, but be sure to pay attention to other features, such as the screen size and resolution, the operating system, the camera quality, the amount of memory and the processing power.

3. Personalised Gifts

photo collage cushion

Get someone a Christmas gift that no one else has. Wrappz has a wide range of gifts that you can customise and personalise into a gift that has some thought.

Have a look at our popular range of photo cushions which you cad add photos to, text and even slogans. Choose from our cotton photo cushion collection or our faux suede photo cushion collection.

Photo Collage Cushions from Just £14.95

4. Video games consoles

By Christmas, the two main consoles will both have had major upgrades, and if you’re shopping for a gent who loves gaming, one of these devices could be a great gift. The Xbox One will be released on November 22nd, while the Playstation is due on November 29th. Both are available for pre-order to reduce your holiday shopping stress level.

5. Mobile accessories

personalised phone accessoriesEverybody knows how important it is to ensure electronic items are kept safe. Even though most products are quite durable these days – especially those used as part of a hectic life – the expensive nature of Smartphone’s and tablets means replacing them can be a costly affair. Why not treat your boyfriend to a personalised Smartphone skin from Wrappz this Christmas? Using our fantastic service, you could select from a wide range of existing prints, or even create your own from your favourite photograph of you two together, or his favourite computer characters.

6. Digital cameras

While the cameras on Smartphone’s and tablets mean that we always have a way to snap a photo, for those who want to take high-quality images, none of the other devices will live up to a stand-alone camera – particularly a DSLR from Canon, Nikon or Sony, as these feature large sensors and manual setting capabilities. Compact system cameras are another popular choice, as they boast interchangeable lenses and a smaller size.