Tech-savvy consumers who favour shopping from the comfort of their own home with the use of an electrical gadget prefer doing so via a real website than using their smartphone, research has revealed.

Although mobile phones are increasingly capable of performing such tasks with little worries over security, it seems even the most clued up users still prefer looking for products using their laptop or computer.

The Facts

Researchers in India found that 25 per cent of smartphone users prefer to shop online than use special applications to buy goods, reports Gadgets.ndtv.

personalised iphone 5 caseAnalysts from Nielsen noted that although many consumers remain dubious over the security of shopping online, ecommerce is growing in popularity across the Asian nation.

In fact, a quarter of users access shopping websites via their laptop at least once a month, while this figure increases among those who are aged over 40.

The study said: “When it comes to accessing content on the smartphone, there has been an increasing preference for apps over websites. However, in the shopping genre, the smartphone audience still prefers websites.”

Online bidding service eBay was found to be the most popular shopping app among Indian consumers, with more than one per cent of smartphone users accessing this feature at least once every month.

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