The first ever Google Pixel divided us smartphone users apart. Google had thought of fun, exciting features, however the downfalls really took this away from us. You can make your Pixel phone better than ever by designing your own case with photos and text. Click here.

First off, the camera quality was amazing and some had even stated they have never seen an Android phone with a camera as good as this. In addition there was an Apple like feel to the design. But, how did Google get it so wrong?

Google Pixel PhoneMany found that the phone had many of the same qualities as what many of Google’s rivals had, for example Samsung and LG. So, in their eyes it seemed nothing special nor different. There was a hefty asking price too, which many felt was unnecessary for what they were receiving.

The new and improved Google phone

Work is well under way to help rectify the disappointment in the first Google Pixel and hopefully it will beat Android competition. Buy today.

Exciting introductions include:

  • Improved OLED
  • Curved design
  • Android O
  • No headphone port

Google Pixel XL SmartphoneAs we have seen with some of the biggest smartphone providers such as Apple and Samsung, the introduction of water and dust resistant devices. Well, it seems Google will now be doing the same to help become a flagship mobile phone. See phone cases for Apple & Samsung.

Rumours have suggested that there will be a camera improvement despite claims of it being one of the best cameras on the market. Imagine how amazing it would be this time round! One of the newest camera features includes better low light performance. Enjoy your Google phone by making it unique to you with your favourite pictures. Start designing.

Faster processing speeds

It seems Google are sticking to the trend of selecting Qualcomm Snapdragon as the processor. The talk of the town has been that Google has tested out the powerful Snapdragon 835 as well as Intel Chips. Soon we will see what one has made the cut, but all of which call for faster processing speeds to make the use of phone even more efficient.