Apple’s 10 year iPhone update is going to be the biggest ever. Here at Wrappz, we are excited for the brand new iPhone X, which is soon available for pre-order.

On October 27th you can pre-order the much anticipated iPhone X which will be shipped on November 3rd.

Although this phone is going to cost a small fortune, it is something that everyone wants to get their hands on. As it is Apple’s 10th year of the iPhone, we know it is going to be something great. Check out previous iPhone X rumours.

The iPhone X has a host of new features and design ideas, which is something that we have never seen before from Apple, yet we have from other smartphone manufactures.

What makes the iPhone X so outstanding compared to other models?

There are many headlining features that Apple has revealed to us, including a 5.8inch edge-to-edge display, OLED technology, HDR compatibility, OIS on both lenses and facial recognition. View more features.

Last year the headphone jack was removed and this year, the home button will be removed too. I wonder how this will go with Apple users?

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What do we know about the iPhone X?

  1. Design: glass on both the front and back with a stainless steel frame
  2. Screen: 5.8inch OLED edge-to-edge display
  3. Specs: Bionic 6-core SoC with Apple GPU, facial recognition and wireless charging
  4. Camera: dual 12 megapixel camera with dual optical image stabilisation
  5. Release date: available for pre-order on October 27th, released on November 3rd
  6. Price: £999 for 64GB, £1149 for 256GB

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