Marty McFly may have beaten us to it way back in 1985 but at last we’ve finally caught up and made it to the year 2015. According to the classic film Back To The Future this is the year of hover boards and sneakers that tie themselves.

special phone casesSadly, as of yet, we have neither of these predicted items. However, it’s not all bad as we do now have this absolutely insane looking iPhone case modelled to look just like Doc Brown’s DeLorean sports car, so, you know, every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

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We clearly love it for its absurdity, but it has to be said that this case is probably the most impractical, bulky and, dare I say it, stupid looking iPhone accessories we have ever laid our eyes on (we still want one).

The Absurd Design

It makes the already large iPhone 6s look a lot larger, and it also means you need to slide bits of it about to use the camera, and you also need to open the car’s doors to access the volume buttons.

It is perhaps the least practical iPhone case you could possibly conceive of – it is safe to say the uber sophisticated design guys over at Apple would not approve.

Yeah we hear ya Back To The Future fans: where we’re going, we don’t need style

It has some lovely, quirky little features that you won’t find anywhere else. The headlights light up when you are receiving a call. The headlights blink along with your ringtone. It makes it seem like you are holding a huge toy car up to your ear – I mean what’s not to love people?apple case leak

It has been produced by Bandai with initial distribution being in Japan, the case is available now to pre-order and it is set to cost 5,940 yen which is roughly $50 or £32 at current exchange rates.

Sadly it doesn’t look as though Bandai’s order system allows you to deliver outside of Japan so if you’re trying to get one of these cool cases outside of Japan you can unfortunately expect to be paying a little more.