Remember sitting in class and coming across the three ‘Rs’: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Now the same can be applied on a new level with Electronic Recycling. Electronic recycling is a process in which the functioning parts of complicated electronic devices are saved and subsequently used for other purposes; while their outdated parts are done away with and discarded. This growing phenomenon helps reduce electronic waste and helps ward off environmental issues. When electronic waste is disposed of like regular garbage is, it can have alarming effects on the environment and our well-being.

recycle apple productsE-waste has become a natural part of human existence, which is why we should make a concerted effort to dispose of our waste in an efficient manner. There comes a point where every electronic device is rendered obsolete and no longer of any use.

When this happens, these primitive devices are now ready to be recycled. The process of e-waste recycling, however, is a little more complicated than say plastics or other materials used in recycling. The process of e-waste recycling can be broken down into gathering the electronic wastes, then sorting and taking them apart, then distinguishing those parts that can be salvaged and used in other, highly functional machines.

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A good example is if you have a CPU that has clearly declined over the years and is no longer of any use. That worn down CPU still has some salvageable parts which can be used as a sort of replacement in other machines. However, it is advisable not to tamper with dismantling in addition to isolating the parts of e-wastes on your own if you do not have the appropriate knowledge, or skill. Because certain electronic parts require special handling, in order to avoid any calamities such as poisoning or burning.

Recycle for London

In the campaign “123 Recycle Your WEEE” the local residents and businesses in Kent can recycle their electrical items for free. Here are just a few of your old electricals which be be recycled or reused in this campaign:

  • Computer Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Phones
  • Desk Lamps
  • Electronic Scales
  • Televisions

In this day and age, the amount of new technologies being released is enough to make your head spin. Therefore, the amount of e-waste is piling up. Likewise, various e-waste recycling companies are emerging in order to do their part of disposing all kinds of e-waste in an efficient, safe manner.

If you are unsure of how to go about ridding yourself of your e-waste it is best to get in touch with a recycling company that can assist. However, when you come to select an e-waste recycling company, make sure the company strictly abides by the environmental laws and regulations concerning e-waste. Moreover, if the company you choose is ISO certified the better off you’ll be.

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It is estimated that recycling companies can salvage more than 90% of a discarded electronic device. The question that arises is what happens to the remaining 10%? The parts that remain following recycling should never be disposed of in landfills.

This would be harmful to the environment since many electronic devices contain the toxic element of mercury. Improper disposal of a toxic element like mercury can create serious environmental problems and threats. Yet with the help of a capable recycling company you can trust your e-waste is being put to good use. Further protecting the environment and utilizing certain parts of an obsolete device.