Making a decision between an HTC One 2 or Samsung Galaxy S5 can be difficult if you aren’t brand loyal. However, if you definitely want a Samsung as your device, then you may not take much time looking over the specs. On the other hand, if you prefer the HTC brand, you might not give the Samsung hardly a thought at all.

That being said, both of the smartphones are gaining a lot of attention from customers in the cell phone marketplace. The former HTC One and Samsung Galaxy 4 are now considered old re-hashed news, and everyone is anticipating the upgrades and updates of the new HTC One 2 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

samsung galaxy phone caseMetal or Plastic?

Whichever phone you choose, the technology will, no doubt, have evolved during the past year. Both phones will sport some minor changes in aesthetics and upgrades to their components. Because the Samsung S4 was a bit of a disappointment with respect to 2013 sales, Samsung is hoping that the Galaxy 5 will fare better in this respect.

It’s expected that Samsung, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, will be featuring two different versions of the S5. Rumour has it that the company will introduce a version in plastic casing as well as one in metal (meant to draw more of an elite-type of crowd).

Some of the Upgrades

The HTC One 2 will, in all likelihood, forego the plastic body and be outfitted in aluminium. After all, the current HTC One is designed with such a metal case. While the HTC One features a full HD screen, measuring 4.7 inches, the new One 2 will likely show off a display that has been expanded. Expect to see the HTC One 2 with a 5-inch screen and even better resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will also remain competitive in this respect, showing a higher resolution than the HTC One 2. The camera on the Samsung will also be able to produce any size of shot. Battery life for both phones will be about equal, or stay about the same.

htc one phone caseBetter Resolution

So, when it comes to choosing a Smartphone, it seems the Samsung S5 may be able to recoup the sales that the S4 lost last year. Because Samsung is offering two types of cases (plastic or metal) and a higher resolution-type screen, it may be the better Smartphone to select.

The S5 will be including two cameras in the rear for better depth of field and performance in low light conditions as well. So, even though the HTC One 2 will be sporting a fairly big screen, the Samsung 5, at least if you like to take pictures, is the phone you might want to consider first. Its pixel count gives it an edge as well. However, you can’t discount the brightness of the HTC screen, nor it’s audio. So, again, in many cases, it may come down to brand loyalty.

However, from the specs that have been released so far, it seems that it will be the S5’s year to shine. Which new phone will you be buying?