The HTC 11 is hoping to the flagship smart phone of 2017, and proudly becoming the successor of the HTC 10.

With the recent release of the 10 earlier this year, it has already sparked conversations and debates about the 11, which is rumoured to be revealed between February 27th and March 2nd 2017, at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

Talks about the ultimate speed of the new processor

An improved processor with a faster speed time is what everybody has been asking for with HTC phones, and it seems like the manufactures will finally listen to us.

HTC 11

They will likely use the Snapdragon 830, supposedly one of the best chip processors from Qualcomm. It will support a 4GB of RAM or 6 RAM – there has been much speculation on this, but I guess we will find out when it comes to the reveal.

It is expected that the company will come up with many changes to make a vast improvement and making a unique phone, also to create an innovative design, to all other smart phones on the market. Even if you aren’t too pleased with the new design, you can always change it with a personalised HTC case.

What is on your wish list for the new HTC?

Those who have used the HTC 10 say they took a massive step back with the change in positioning of the speakers. They’re at the top and bottom edges of the phone, which can create an imbalance of sound. Many are hoping for the return of the front facing Boom Sound stereo speakers.

With a display screen of 5.5 inches it improves the screen size by 0.3 inches compared to the HTC 10. Rumours suggest that there will be a curved screen design, making it very similar to some Samsung phones.

But how much of an upgrade will it be?

With the introduction of a new phone, you would expect it to be an upgrade, right? But sources state that the rear camera will be 12MP, which is the exact same as the HTC 10 – fingers crossed it improves. Allegedly, there will be an 8MP front facing camera though.