The HTC One A9 was designed to look just like the iPhone 6, many call it the iPhone with the brains of an Android.

Which doesn’t sound too good, but why is there such an issue with Android phones?

The black glass front taper, mixed with the curved aluminium body purely mimics the iPhone design.

It is the closest anybody has seen an Android phone designed so like Apple’s phones. Make HTCyours different here.

Important Changes From HTC

The greatest improvements from the previous HTC phones are the improved camera, sleek design and the great display.

The fingerprint scanner is one the best that has been released from HTC, with a fast processing speed; it is around 98% likely to always identify the print first try.

HTC have slimmed down this phone massively, so much so that there was not enough room to input their famous BoomSpeakers.

Despite this, there was enough space to fit in the MicroSD slot, so you can maximise storage capacity and even run extra apps from it.

A Joy For Comfort

The beautifully designed device is slim, sleek and lightweight, meaning actually holding the phone is more of a treat than anything else.

A high definition five-inch AMOLED screen means you can see your content in a sharp, crisp and beautiful manner. The bright and illuminating colours will never get boring, and you really won’t believe your eyes. Shop our range of HTC cases.

The display is a match for other, smaller companies on the smart phone market, however it isn’t a match for those larger companies such as Samsung or Sony.

Is it really the iPhone Rip Off?

This HTC One A9 is known as the iPhone rip off, and many say buying the iPhone for that little bit extra is much more worth it.

The slow processing speeds cause frustration and anger and people find it difficult to use when in a rush. Brighten up your phone and personalise your own case. Buy now.

Try It Out For Yourself

But really, with such a mix of reviews, who knows what the phone is like? Why not buy it yourself for £469 and see what you think.