The Arrival is close now!

The long awaited iOS 10 update is finally on its way to iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and all users of apple devices.

It is technically available right now but only in a beta form for developers, however in July Apple is planning to release it for all the public to use.

There are many exciting new features within the iOS 10 update and in this blog we are going to discuss them.

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iPhone 7 FeaturesNew lock and home screen features that will amaze you

These new lock and home features allow you to actually view and interact with apps whilst on the lock screen this is a new system implemented by Apple called ‘rich notifications’. The new system is also going to introduce a clear all feature for the notification centre so instead off clearing all your open apps manually this feature will allow to clear all notifications in one simple click.

Finally on the lock screen you will be able to access the iPhone’s camera and widgets by easily swiping left to right on the lock screen which is pretty impressive.

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The New and Improved Apple Maps

In this new and improved Apple maps you will be able to scroll ahead while on route, as well as this you be finally allowed to freely pan and zoom around the map with Apples new navigation software easily zooming in and out of long journeys and complicated interchanges, which I can say from personal experience will be an amazing feature no longer getting lost on the way to an interview!

Is iOS 10 a sneak preview of the features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple watch iOS updateThe most advanced Siri ever

Siri is now ready for other chat apps besides we chat such as, Whatsapp and travel services like Uber recently Apple has invested heavily in China.

You can now open photos through apps like Shutterfly, through your very own voice instead of having to go through your phone. This update makes Siri much more useful to everyone that now Apple assistant is free of preloaded apps.

“I hope this blog post has given you a little insight to what the IOS update actually is going to improve and what new features are going to be included.”

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