The iPad Mini 2 is almost identical to the previous release, the iPad Mini. The same minimalist design and the same amazing craftsmanship. The same design as our iPad skins, click here.

There is a slight change, and that is the thinness and the lightweight feel. A much prettier and lighter design.  This makes it easier to transport around and easier for working. Learn more.

Space Grey Is Added Yet Again

The introduction of a lighter space grey version means the faceplate is as black and glossy as ever. The space grey edition means it is less susceptible of the scratches and damages, like the previous slate grey colour. Still want that space grey feature, but want to protect it? Shop our range of iPad skins.

The Perfect Tool For Film Lovers

The quality of films that are shown on this device has been said to be amazing. Despite the smaller screen, it does actually work perfectly to view every single type of media, especially your favourite movies.iPad

It’s Actually Much Better For Your Health

The smaller design and ratio of screen to body means there is less eye strain and less eye problems when using this device.

The Night Shift effect brings intelligent colour temperature settings that shift whether you’re using in the morning, or at night.

It automatically shifts the light that is emitted from the screen to a yellow type of hue, also helping the eyes.

The Downsides Of The Tablet

The iPad Mini 2 has a bright and an accurate colour reading, however many have said the screen just isn’t as sharp enough; it just doesn’t have that wow factor. If you have the iPad Mini 2, give it that wow factor. Click here.

They have also stated the pixels are easily noticeable and the text isn’t crisp enough, so it can make it slighter harder for some people to read.

Competition for this tablet is major, even though there are a range of amazing things about it, the price is just too much.

Especially as competitors offer almost the exact same thing, and they are much cheaper. You can get any tablet skin for an affordable price, receive 15% off today and shop with us.