With 2017 fast approaching, talk about the new Apple iPhone 8 have already started – the iPhone 7 was only released a few months ago!

Everybody is excited for the release of either the iPhone 7s, or the iPhone 8 – it is known that either one of these is going to have massive changes to the way in which Apple make and design their products.

The two questions that everybody wants to know:

  • When will the iPhone 8 be released? Approx the beginning of September 2017.
  • What’s the price of the iPhone 8? Simply decided on the price of previous phones, £539.

What are the rumours telling us?

Rumours, rumours everywhere about how this device is made – but with no word from Apple

apple iphone

yet, we are still to keep on guessing hoping we will get it right.

When 2017 approaches sources state that Apple is to release three new phone models. There will be a difference in these models, and that is one of them will have an OLED display, whereas the other two will have the same, TFT-LCD technology (the same as now).

The introduction of a dual camera came in with the iPhone 7, but supposedly this is only going to be available in the larger sized (5.5 inch) phones and not the smaller options, that are released within the New Year.

Discussions about what the line-up

will look like is something that is always happening, and this is what people assume to be the case:

  • 7 inch iPhone, LCD display and a single camera
  • 5 inch IPhone, LCD display and dual camera
  • 5 inch iPhone, OLED display and dual camera

Apple wants to try and get rid of a physical sense of the home button, by an AMOLED display panel, and the addition of a Touch ID Home key and fingerprint scanner embedded underneath the display. This suggests that this highly anticipated phone will function significantly different to previous models.

Exciting changes Apple are making to beat competitors

Other changes to the phone suggest parts of an all glass bodywork – the company working alongside Apple is Foxconn have said they have gone through multiple design prototypes as it is a difficult design to make, probably why they have spent two years mastering it. However it is glass, it can easily smash making a tough case perfect so it ensures complete protection of any phone.

An interesting choice of rumour is the addition of something that will be a first for all Apple phones is the introduction of wireless charging – very similar to competitors such as Samsung.