With the advent of 2014 comes exciting news and details about the iPhone as well. The release of the iPhone 6 is yet to be confirmed, but consumers are anticipating that the successor of the iPhone 5S will indeed showcase some upgrades that will make the technology even more exciting to use.

While, some of the features of the iPhone 6 may not denote a major leap from the previous version of the iPhone 5S, they will indeed be significant enough to keep iPhone’s stance in the marketplace at number one.

iPhone 6 release dateAgain, Apple is proving its worthiness of being at the top of smartphone providers with the iPhone 6’s major features, one of which is an A7 processing chip, thereby making this new 2014 model iPhone capable at running at an incomparable speed, especially when it’s compared to its predecessors and competitors.

Even the Android cannot match this new upgrade to new iPhone 6

Another update that will make the iPhone 6 stand out from the iPhone 5S is its bigger 4-inch sized display. Various rumors and reports prevail, but according to a spokesman with the financial firm, KGI Securities in Asia, the new iPhone 6 will be utilized by one hand.

Will there be an iPhone 6s?

The new appearance and use for the phone will make it just that more attractive for those working professionals who need to conveniently communicate while on the go.

iPhone 6 PlusWith the way iPhones change their looks year after year, people are trading in their smartphone technologies more often than their cars.

Some of the exact details are, at this time, sketchy, but patents for the phone indicate that sapphire and liquid metal will be used for the construction for the case for the iPhone 6. Time will only tell if this new development will come to pass.

Near-field communication (NFC) which makes an iPhone handy for conducting secured financial business as well as file sharing is one of the anticipated enhancements for 2014. It’s also expected that the iPhone 6 will feature wireless charging that is built into the device. In addition, analysts predict that the new iPhone 6 will also sport camera upgrades that will allow users to take professional shots with the smartphone technology.