iPhone 6S Leaked PhotosNow we like a bit of speculation as much as the next blog, especially when the subject is the possible leak of photos showing Apple’s next iPhone. Yes we know that this happens every time a new device is on the horizon, all of a sudden there is a flurry of rumours – what will it look like? what new functionality will it include?

We also know as well as you do that 90% of internet rumour is poppycock, but these allegedly leaked photos of the Personalised iPhone 6S Cases do come from Mark Gurman, a source that has previously been right on the money with details about Apple’s new Music service and IOS 9, he did also leak a lot of information about the iPhone 6 that proved to be remarkably accurate.

Apple may still be several months off from releasing its next iPhone, but these apparently leaked photos do give us an inkling as to what we can expect from both appearance and functionality.

At first glance it appears almost identical to the existing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from a casing point of view. This image shows the back of the device.

The Leaked iPhone 6S Photos

iPhone 6S Cover

The major changes where design is concerned will most likely be internal, according to the source – ‘The mounting points inside the phone where Apple will place the iPhone 6s logic board is different than that of the current model.’

iPhone 6S Features

It now looks as though the iPhone 6S will not have a dual-lens camera, which, after Apple’s acquisition of LinX seemed a shoe in. The photos show that the camera holes look the same as the present locations on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

iPhone 6S Camera Spec

In this image of the bottom of the phone we can see that the ports and the speaker areas are in exactly the same place as they are now.

iPhone 6S specification

As usual we will probably find out more factual information on what the iPhone 6S will actually look like and have as new toys for us to play with in September as this is when they usually release the new iPhone devices to the adoring public. A new feature that is expected to be included is Force Touch Screen which enables your iPhone to detect how hard you are pressing your pudgy little fingers onto the screen and also where you are swiping and tapping just like the functionality on the new Apple Watch has.

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