It’s hard to believe that Apple’s iPhone 6 was released 5 months ago now. But time marches on and as it does our attention inevitably turns to new and better things. The iPhone 7 chatter is already gaining serious momentum as all the latest rumours surrounding its release date, specs, and other components start to send out ripples of excitement across the globe. When it comes to the subject of design, we think we can expect no major changes between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple has a tendency to stick with similar designs for at least two generations of the iPhone. So the lighter, thinner, more rounded design of the iPhone 6 will most likely be present in the iPhone 7S.

iPhone 7 DesignAlthough if Apple does opt for a new look with the iPhone 7, it could be thicker than the iPhone 6, using what Apple refers to as “sidewall displays”. Apple has hinted at a future iPhone with a display that juts out onto the sides of the device, providing interactive or touch sensitive features that provide straight access to the unlock feature, music player controls, messaging readout, caller ID, and more.

New iPhone 7 Feature – Sapphire Glass

In terms of what sort of screen will be used for the iPhone 7S Plus, many believe Apple will employ Sapphire glass as seen in their latest product, the Apple Watch. Sapphire glass has been noted as being more durable than Gorilla glass, therefore it is quite likely Apple may take this material and utilize it in its smartphone line. Recently some issues have arisen which may put a dent in Apple’s plans moving forward with the development of the iPhone 7. Before the release of the iPhone 6S there were rumours of gorilla glass being introduced although this feature did not appear. To prevent your iPhone screen getting damaged, create your custom made tough case now!

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Recent reports suggest a plant in Arizona run by GT Advanced Technologies, which Apple has supported for several years and which has been used to manufacture 200 million 5-inch iPhone displays annually has now been declared bankrupt and won’t be able to fulfill Apple’s future requirements.

With more rumours emerging about the iPhone 7 each day there is more speculation. Wrappz are working to design cases ready for whatever Apple release next. Iphone 7S cases, iPhone 7 Plus Cases, iPhone 7S Plus Cases, there are even rumours of a iPhone 7 Edge Case.

iPhone 7 SpecAs the saying goes – when one door closes another opens, and as other reports have indicated, another long term supplier of Apple components, Foxconn, is in the process of building its own sapphire production plant in Asia; making Foxconn a probable successor of GT Advanced Technologies. Foxconn’s planned production plant in Taiwan is estimated to be costing around $2.6 billion to construct, but will undoubtedly have substantial rewards for them and the other companies who are trying to weigh in and get a piece on the production of the next iPhone.

Introduction of Liquid Metal

On a related note, Liquidmetal is also said to be in consideration for material to be used for the chassis of the next iPhone, as it far more resilient than aluminium. Not only is it tougher, but a smaller amount of the material would be required in order to accomplish the same degree of durability as the metal used for current iPhones. Using Liquidmetal would permit Apple to keep the iPhone’s light and thin physique intact, regardless of a much larger screen.


As of yet, no images or videos of the iPhone 7 Edge have been released although we expect the usual renderings of those predicting the design to start appearing soon. Apple hasn’t hinted when images and videos would be unveiled or indeed when the phone is likely to launch but it will surely be another hit product for the unstoppable brand.

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