The LG G5 Titan was released back in February 2016. Before it was released, there was a big hype about the features that were on the phone.

The development of cameras

As phones develop, we all hope the camera gets better so we can treasure all our memories easily.

The most exciting thing about the LG G5 was the wide angle rear camera. The idea of this was to capture a more extensive image of your location, whilst also being crystal clear – which seem to have worked well.

LG have introduced the choice of 4 photo frame backgrounds. Your decision of black & white, vignette, fisheye lens and a blur lens.

latest android newsNo more fear about a dead phone

The use of a removable battery defeats the worry of your phone running out of battery whilst out as you can just remove it and put in a fully charged one – bringing your phone back to life.

The truth about the Titan has been revealed

Now people have had the chance to play around with the phone and get a feel of it, we know the hype before was definitely worth it.

Customers have said LG have reached a revolution with this phone. It is all a smart phone should be and leaves no compromise for users, many customers saying excellent value for money.

The fun design of this phone means you can add accessories to make it your own, you can add one of our specially made LG phone cases