LG are always on top of their releases and products – they are one of the most popular choice of smart phones, behind Apple and Samsung.

2016 has been a strange year for LG’s smart phone department. The release of the LG G5 and the LG X Screen made a clear statement that they want to stand out from the crowd, and their competitors. Make your phone stand out and personalise your LG phone case. Click here.

How Have LG Been Doing With The Tablet Angle?

Earlier this year, we witnessed the release of a phablet from LG – the Stylus 2.

The tablet comes with a rounded back, plastic construction and rear mounted buttons – which people think should’ve been over a very long time ago. Some even suggest the design is much more on the boring side of the other devices on the market. Yours can be different, make it exciting here.

Some Have Even Said It’s Basically A Smartphone – Ouch

With recent smartphones having a screen size of 5.5inches, the screen on the LG just seems to be ‘big’, not really a tablet size, but too big to be noted as a phone – it doesn’t seem to be going well for LG’s tablets. Improve yours and design a skin for it. Buy now.

I would suggest the tablet is much more useful for work activities, rather than leisure. Watching films, taking pictures and reading books might be a struggle as the screen resolution is a mere 720p. That’s shocking for the range of other tablets that you can purchase, for a much similar price.LG

What Are LG Doing To Save Their Market?

It is inevitable to say that LG must have noticed all of the downsides to their tablet. It is rumoured that all of these issues are going to change with the release of the Stylus 3 in early 2017.

As well as a new tablet, it is also rumoured that there will be the reveal of numerous smartphones, again in early 2017.

The Tablet Improves

A 5.7 inch screen packed with 32GB RAM and 3,200Ah battery means you can have a much better user experience.

Both front and rear cameras are said to have improvement – the rear has been rumoured to be 13 megapixels and the front is to be 5. This doesn’t compare with competitors, but is a vast improvement from the previous. If you have a competitors tablet, shop now for your customised skin.

Following along with competitors, a finger print sensor would be useful for all consumers. And we hope LG have listened to what we say and have taken this into consideration. Rumours also suggest rear controls and a bundled stylus, hence the name.

But what can we really expect from LG? It seems we will have to wait until 2017 hits and it is revealed. Watch our tablet covers and see how you can make your Stylus 3 unique.