When October 27th came, I’m sure the only thing that was on your mind was the release of the new MacBook Pro. Pre-release rumours had everybody excited for an amazing new piece of technology that you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off.

The success of Apples new release

The MacBook Pro has been a massive success – within the first five days of release, this laptop outsold the total sales of every major competitor, e.g. Windows, Dell, and Asus.

The new MacBook Pro has outdone competitors on a massive scale, by selling almost four times as many units as Microsoft Surface Book, nine times as the Asus Chromebook and 10 times the Lenovo Yoga.

The rumours were true, touch is here with the new MacBook

Rumours suggested the introduction of touch would be brought to this laptop and those Macbookrumours were correct.

With the touch bar being debut, it is said to be one of the best additions to the MacBook. Despite the love for the introduction of this feature, it is known that direct light can wash out the touch bar, making it difficult to use.

How have other features changed?

In addition, many lovers of the brands new device love the super-thin structure and lightweight feel, as well as having an impressive build quality. The screen is one of the best yet with a Pro-screen quality, and brighter backlighting, increased contrast with a vibrant range of colours to create vividly realistic images.

With more storage and faster processing speeds, your work efficiency is about to increase tremendously.

It was a step forward, and now it’s a step back

Here in the UK, for the best edition of the new MacBook Pro, with the touch bar and the best processors of all the choices you can get for an eye-watering £2,699.

Although the new MacBook introduced such amazing features, there are debates on whether or not the price is too expensive, given the performance.

A disappointment with the new MacBook Pro is the lack of colour choice. If you aren’t a fan of space grey or silver, you can always design a skin for your MacBook Pro.

A regular occurrence with Apple is the lack of port sections, meaning you have to buy an adaptor (when you’ve already spent a bombshell) to use USB’s.

With technology becoming more advanced, e.g. waterproofing devices and protecting devices, Apple have only waterproofed their newest phone device, and not their laptops. Any spillage on the device can cause serious damage to the processors.