The constantly-evolving world of technology has resulted in a dramatic change in the way consumers carry out everyday tasks, as they can now access information in any place, at any time.

And while this may have impacted the manner in which regular consumers communicate and perform tasks such as shopping, others have seen their professional endeavours revolutionised due to the rise in remote working opportunities.

Now, tech-savvy consumers are increasingly being encouraged to work from home or bring their own tech gadgets to the office in order to reduce operational costs and improve operations for companies.

microsoft office for iPhoneHowever, that is not all. Employees now need to have the ability to check their emails and other important documents at any given moment – which is among the reasons the smartphone has become such a valuable item.

While it was previously impossible for workers to carry out the same tasks they could on their computers using their mobile, now all they have to do is install one app that can give them the tools to do so.

The Launch of Office Mobile for iPhone

Tech giant Microsoft has announced it has launched its Office Mobile feature for iPhone users. Available to download for free, the app is especially designed for those users with a subscription to Office 365, which costs £8.40 per user per month.

Julia White, general manager of Microsoft Office Division, said: “We made it quick and easy to access your Office content in the cloud on SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro.

“When you’re on your phone, you’ll easily find the content you viewed on your computer in the Recent Documents panel. And, of course, you can view and edit Office documents sent in email.”

Tech-savvy professionals who utilise their smartphone for business purposes may want to ensure their gadget is protected at all times. Buying a personalised iPhone 7 Pro cover could help you do exactly that.