Motorola are back in the smart phone game. The Moto Z Force Droid is known to be the upgrade of the Moto Z, with improvements in software and design quality.

The design of the Motorola Z Force Droid is typically the same as the Moto Z, but much chunkier and bolder. It is quite a clear difference, but if you prefer bigger phones with a much wider screen surface, then this is the one for you.

The improvements of the droid

Included with a shatter shield screen, it holds the screen all in one, along with preventing any smashes. Motorola have taken this into consideration and have come up with a solution for us.

Although Motorola is trying to return to the smartphone game, one smartphone that they won’t beat is the Google phone.

The build of the phone is manufactured from glass and stainless steel; it was designed to demolish all those competitors out there. Both that are already out there and those that will be released soon.

The addition of an improved front-facing camera is essential when it comes to releases of new phones, but Motorola have added an LED front flash to capture those perfect selfie moments and a fingerprint sensor that has the ability to wake the device as well as putting it to sleep.

An upgrade or downgrade?

What’s known as the downgrade to this phone is the Moto Z – now this weighs 30 grams less than the Moto Z Force. Previously, the Moto Z was known to being the thinnest smart phone on the market, but with the Moto Z Force, this has just changed the game as it is much larger.

A feature that is quite rare in the smart phone market is the SIM and microSD slot sitting on the top of the device and the USB-C port is at the bottom. But with this said, there is no headphone jack in sight – many thought Apple were the first to do this, but it seems Motorola beat them to it.

The best things about the new phone:

  • Excellent camera quality
  • MotoMods improve the experience massively
  • Amazing battery life (40 hour battery)
  • Top tier performance

Although, there are always bad things to come:

  • No headphone port
  • Fingerprint sensors glitches
  • Cannot use the charger and listen to music at the same time