The updated version of this phone has been covered in updates and improvements; however Nokia has stayed with the same body and design, aside from the bright colour choices. This Nokia phone was famously known for its indestructible features. Discover more recent Nokia phones, such as the Nokia Lumia 920. Design your skin.Nokia

The news of the return of the once loved Nokia has been all over the news ever since the leak of its release earlier in 2017. Supposedly, this phone still has the charm that it had 17 years ago – let’s hope this is true. But, do we think it can really beat the smartphone industry with the way technology has advanced?

The Nokia 3310 will be launched by HMD Global. The president of HMD, Florian Seiche, has stated “This is what consumers have been asking us for, and so we decided that we’d just do it and have some fun with it”.  In addition, Nokia are looking to release Nokia 3, 5 and 6 later this year. Find out more.

Features of the 3310

Rather than staying the exact same as the previous edition, HMD has made some improvements, but not too drastic as they wanted to keep the same style as the last. However, the new Nokia will have a slightly bigger screen and it will be in colour, not black and white. Brighten up your Nokia Lumia 800 with our personalised skins. Click here.

Imagine having a black and white phone screen now, it just wouldn’t feel right compared to what we are used to.

Improvements to keep your eye on

Other additions include a two mega-pixel camera on the back, which the previous didn’t have. Again, it has a removable back and battery and an updated version of the previous software, s30. HMD has made us a promise that the new version is just as durable as the last, despite being half the thickness.

Unlike the iPhone 7, there is a 3.5mm headphone port, suitable when listening to music or the FM radio that also comes with it. In addition, you can store as much information as you like as there is a micro SD card slot, store your music, photos and videos on the old fashioned phone. Shop Nokia skins.