Nokia has unveiled its latest challenger in the smartphone market – a handset that features a massive 41-megapixel camera. As always , Wrappz are one of the first suppliers of accessories to the newsest handsets with our Nokia phone skins.

The Nokia 1020 will succeed its current flagship model the 920 when it becomes available in the coming weeks and Nokia hope its impressive imaging specifications will encourage buyers to consider it ahead of current market leaders like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

nokia phone skinsIt runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system and Nokia was keen to stress the photographic capabilities of the smartphone at its launch event.

The Finnish firm claims the 1020 is “able to produce some of the sharpest images possible by any digital camera”, thanks in part to its PureView technology and advanced zoom capabilities.

Nokia Pro Camera

Nokia has also designed a new app called Nokia Pro Camera, which it claims “makes it easy for anyone to take professional quality images”. The software allows for extensive post-shot editing of snaps – indeed, the camera takes two photos simultaneously, a five-megapixel shot for sharing on social media and a 38-megapixel image for editing.

Imaging was a key part of Nokia’s announcement and the company also announced a range of accessories for the phone, which will be available alongside the usual array of Nokia covers that come to market whenever a new handset is made available. These include a Camera Grip, which features a tripod mount for hands-free technology.

Commenting at the launch, president and chief executive at Nokia Stephen Elop said the company’s aim with the 1020 is to “take people on a journey from capturing pictures to recording and sharing their lives”, adding the 1020 “will bring new meaning to pictures”.

The device is sure to appeal to snap-happy smartphone users, but it remains to be seen whether it will bring success back to Nokia, which has been lagging behind rivals such as Apple and Samsung since the smartphone era got underway.

Popular social apps Vine, Path and Flipboard will soon be available for Windows Phone 8, but the platform still lacks an official app for Instagram, the popular photo sharing platform owned by Facebook.

Nokia Phone Skins

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