Nokia has revealed they are making an appearance at the Mobile World Congress event between February 27 to March 2nd 2017, suggesting the return of Nokia.

The release of a new Nokia smart phone is definitely on the cards. Something that is being highly spoken about is the unveil of not one, but two smart phones in the up and coming months of 2017. The first is supposedly landing just before Christmas arrives.

What happened to Nokia in the first place?

Back in 2014, Nokia sold their mobile device company to Microsoft and ever since their devices were known as Lumia. Changes to Microsoft means that they are now leaving the mobile market and Nokia is set to return. Hence the return of the famously loved Nokia phones.


Previously Nokia posed an unsatisfactory effect within the industry. This was all due to the lack of development within the software – it just wouldn’t evolve to the newest and upgraded technology, making it harder for consumers to use.

Get the low-down on the specifications

Allegedly, the first new phone will come in two different sizes, either 5in or 5.5in (Much similar to every other smart phone this year) – although with competitors, there really is not much of a difference with features and processors, Nokia have changed the way this works. With different camera techs, RAM and storage capacity, there really is a far wider difference than some people would have hoped.

It is possible that the larger option will have a 13MP camera, 3GB RAM and 64GB on board storage. Whereas the smaller choice will have a 2GB RAM, 8MP camera and 32GB of storage. Both with a 5MP front facing camera and full HD screens.

Everybody is hoping for a change

With the software being Android based and along with a few Windows 10 features, many have high hopes for these new devices to be what they hoped for. This makes it a massive upgrade from previous versions where it adapts to changing technology.

One of the well known qualities of previous Nokia phones was the ability to outstand any force dawned upon it. With the ever changing features of technology, phones now look completely different and are used with different materials, covers and skins – many people are sceptical about whether or not this quality is going to last with the newest designs. Protecting your phone no matter what make is essential, make it your own here.